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Download Bugle: The Hiking App That Can Save Your Life



Bugle is a new, free survival and hiking app, released by Seattle-based start-up Inti, Inc., that automatically calls for help if you’re lost in the great outdoors – even if you’ve got no reception or your phone gets lost down a crevice.

Bugle uses cloud technology, but works via old-fashioned means. Plug your trek coordinates, expected return date and emergency contacts into the app. Then, save your adventure to the cloud. If you don’t return in time to say you’ve made it safe and sound, the hiking app will notify your emergency contacts that something may have gone wrong. It’s a simple solution to a common problem encountered by adventurers. Just think about the case of Aron Ralston, the man who was pinned under a gigantic boulder deep in a canyon, and was forced to slowly cut his own arm off to survive.

“We just wanted a good, reliable solution that was something better than a note on a refrigerator, but not quite as burdensome or as expensive as like a GPS-enabled notification device,” developer Steve Grind tells Komo News.

Bugle is now available on iTunes, so download the hiking app before heading out on your next journey.

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