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Easton V02 Racing Snowshoes Bring The Speed



Easton V02 Running Snowshoes
Easton V02 Running Snowshoes


With summer right around the corner there’s not much snow in the near future for most of us, but cold-weather fans can start getting set now for the winter season with Easton Mountain Products‘ innovative Vo2 Racing Snowshoes.

Snowshoes are traditionally large, cumbersome footwear add-ons, designed specifically to help hikers traverse heavy snowfalls by increasing the amount of surface area covered by each step.

The Vo2 Racing Snowshoes operate on the same principle of increasing surface area, but the more compact design is meant to enable running. Just know that you’ll need to drill these puppies onto whatever sneakers you intend to wear them with, so be prepared to designate those sneaks “snowshoeing only”.

You can get a pair of Vo2s for yourself for around $299.

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