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Eliminate Wheel Bite With Wheel Shields



Wheel Shields are about to change longboarding forever by eliminating wheel bite and allowing skaters to stand on top of a board’s wheels.

Wheel bite occurs during a sharp turn or hard landing. The board’s base dips or tilts just low enough for the wheels to start scraping against it, causing wear and tear on the board itself, its wheels and, sometimes, the rider. A particular bad case of wheel bite can send a rider flying off his board, which is exactly what happened to Wheel Shields inventor, Chase Kaczmarek. His injury during a ride session at College Park, Maryland, inspired him to seek an answer to the wheel bite problem.

By designing a barrier to fit around each wheel, Kaczmarek took it upon himself to invent the answer. With Wheel Shields, the board never touches the wheels, enabling them to spin freely at all times. ”I wish I had Wheel Shields when I skated around the world. Wheel Shields have changed the longboarding transportation paradigm forever. They are an elegant solution to a frustrating problem,” says Robert Thomson, the Guinness World Record for Longest Distance on a Skateboard.

Eliminate Wheel Bite With Wheel Shields

Additionally, Kaczmarek discovered his invention allowed riders to stand on top of the wheels. This dynamic opened up all kinds of trick possibilities. Never-before-attempted manuals, dances and colemans are now possible because of Wheel Shields.

As an added bonus, Wheel Shields function as a mudflap of sorts, protecting riders from the backlash of dirty wheels. The wheel protectors turn your longboard into a “sweet, versatile all-weather transportation vehicle,” according to the website.

Wheel Shields are available now through their Kickstarter page, so be sure to pick yours up before you head out on your next ride.

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