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Extreme Holiday Gift Guide



The holidays are here, and while socks and sweaters may be acceptable gifts for a couple family members, anything less than awesome isn’t going to cut it for the adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts in your midst. No, those who live on the edge require gifts that speak to their daring lifestyle, gifts that are as inspiring and intriguing as they are useful, gifts that make them want to skip dinner so they can run out to test their new toy.

Here are five extreme holiday gifts for any Adrenalist on your list.

Kershaw Carabiner Tool, $21.99 (Amazon)

At the low end of the price spectrum, the Kershaw Carabiner is a fantastic stocking stuffer for a close friend or family member, or a cool main event gift for someone to whom you’ve got thinner ties (think the co-worker you drew in this year’s secret Santa office pool). This five-in-one tool functions as a caribiner, a bottle opener, a stainless steel knife and a flat-head and Phillips-head screwdriver. Sure, it one won’t nab you any awards for most thoughtful or extravagant gift, but the Kershaw Carabiner is a practical addition to any Adrenalist’s gear kit and will be appreciated for its utility.

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Ride Snowboards’ Duster Helmet, $99.95

Perfect for the snowboard or ski-crazy music buff, Ride Snowboards’ Duster Helmet combines ZoneFlex hardshell construction and a heat-sealed liner with MP3 integration and specially-designed speakers so its wearer can blast some tunes while shredding. Just be sure that the lucky recipient knows to take notice of his surroundings while on the slopes. Musical rides can be a magical thing, but they can also be distracting and dangerous if the skiier or boarder isn’t relatively skilled and observant. Reserve this gift for the more seasoned Adrenalists on your list.

Freerider Skatecycle, $149.95

At $149.95, Brooklyn Workshop‘s Freerider Skatecycle definitely falls at the upper range of affordable. It’s not gonna break the bank, but it’s certainly a heavy-hitter gift and one you want to be sure you’re buying because the recipient is a skateboard/snowboard/longboard fanatic who just can’t get enough of those sports’ kindred physical demands. Winner of a Bronze 2010 IDEA Award, the Skatecycle is a self propelled board with durable 9-inch wheels that make traversing over cracks and curves easier than ever and allow for a truly rugged skate park experience. It’s also light (just over 7 lbs) and foldable for easy transport when riding isn’t an option.

Hero3 GoPro Camera, $199.99 

To an Adrenalist, nothing is more important than documenting his conquests. Whether they be by foot, by board, by bike or by parachute, seeing is always believing and recording is a fine way to relive the heart-pounding action of daring achievement over and over again. The Hero 3 GoPro camera, easily fastenable to any helmet or piece of adventure gear, will allow an extreme sports nut to chronicle all the incredible sights he sees while out doing what he loves, Plus, everything will be in high-definition, action-packed first person video. Provided the recipient has a YouTube or Vimeo account, this is a gift that you, the giver, will be able to share in as well. What’s better than that?

DeLorme inReach Communicator, $249.95 + Monthly Service Plan

This gift is not for those who are faint of heart or short on funds. Though it’s technically still an affordable present (when you think about how much a good new set of skis or a surfboard costs, $250 seems pretty reasonable), anyone who springs for the DeLorme Communicator must be sure of two things: that the person they’re buying for is a serious backcountry explorer and that the person will be able to shoulder a monthly service plan. This neatly designed two-way communicator/GPS tracking was made for parents concerned about their kids’ tendencies to take dangerous sojourns. It allows the carrier to update family and friends on his whereabouts as well as send an SOS call for emergency assistance anywhere in the world, whether he’s in a region with a strong cell signal or not.

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