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Get Charged – Powerfilm Solar Snowboard Runs On The Sun



Never run out of battery in the backcountry again.

In a recent episode of the web series, “Every Third Thursday,” Signal Snowboards teams up with Powerfilm Solar to manufacture a one-of-a-kind ride that you’ve never seen on the mountain before. They call it the solar snowboard – a custom deck covered in ruggedly efficient solar film that captures the energy of the sun to charge your electronics while you charge down the mountain.

The solar board makes an impression on Signal Snowboards founder Dave Lee. “The thing that hits me the most, is that you actually get to go ride it. Normally you build a solar panel idea and you just stick it in your backyard, and that would be it,” Lee says. “But we are going to go shred this thing.” And shred they do. Mammoth local, Tyler Flanagan, straps into the solar board and hits the resort’s legendary terrain park, sliding the deck on rails and spinning it through the skies of the Sierra Nevadas.

Juicing up is rarely as fun as this.

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