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Get The Impossible Shot With The Throwable Camera Ball



The baseball ball-sized “Squito” throwable camera ball opens up an enormous world of possibilities for capturing footage once deemed impossible.

Adrenalists take note: this just may be the ultimate camera for sports and adventure. The panoramic camera ball idea was thought up and created by Boston-based engineer, Steve Hollinger. Hollinger, owner of a dozen or so patents and pending patents on everything from space-age umbrellas to stink-resistant drain caps, has a proven track record of awesome inventions.

His latest passion project might be his most awesome yet. The Squito is a baseball-sized throwable, panoramic, 360 degree camera that captures the world around it as it arcs through the air. Composed primarily of a durable housing and three cameras, the Squito also comes packed with an inertial measurement unit (IMU) so it knows its orientation, even in mid-air.

Its advanced electronics allow the Squito to see in the dark, cut through smoke, and stitch together detailed panoramas of a moment in time or several moments stitched together. The Squito can also produce image-stabilized video.

Potential real-world applications for the Squito are almost too many to count. According to a press release published earlier this month, the invention could one day be used for “recreation, professional sports, architecture, reconnaissance, search-and-rescue, first responder scene assessment, landscape photography, projectile point-of-view, full spherical capture for simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and 3D mapping applications.”

Unfortunately, we may not get our hands on a Squito camera ball for some time. The project is still listed as “in development,” with no estimate given for when it might go into production.

For more on Squito, check out the project’s official site. In the meantime, check out the wealth of ridiculous videos filmed via GoPro.

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