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GoPro HERO3 Debut



The GoPro HERO3: Black Edition camera is the latest iteration of GoPro for the extreme sports enthusiast. It’s more powerful, faster, lighter and still capable of achieving shots that would make any Adrenalist proud and allow him to document his exploits for any disbelieving crowd of cynics.

With almost twice the power of the GoPro HD HERO2, the HERO3 is vastly superior to its earlier namesake. Here are some fast facts about this incredible innovation in sports camera technology:

It weighs just 2.6 ounces — 25% lighter and 30% smaller than earlier models.

Video captures are “cinema quality” — 2x the resolution, 2x the frame rate and 2x the low-light performance of the HERO2. Slow motion video has never been this easy.

Captures photos with 3x the quality of earlier models — a 12 MP burst capture at 30 frames per second and 2x better low-light capture.

Totally updated flat lens waterproof housing combines with reduced distortion and a 6-element aspherical lens for POV shots unable to be snapped before.

Has built-in Wi-Fi with a remote included.

If you’d like to inspire awe with a professional video capture of your heli-skiing, free diving, mountain biking or other Adrenalist escapade, the GoPro Black Hero3 may just be the best investment you ever make.

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