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Hydroflex Develops Surf-Inspired Composite Skateboards



UPDATE: The Hydroflex Composite Skateboards Kickstarter is officially underway. Visit their page to donate now.

Hydroflex, a leader in 3D-glassing technology, has taken all they’ve learned about making amazing surfboards to build a better skateboard.

Hydroflex’s new composite skateboards are constructed out of the same materials as traditional foam-and-fiberglass surfboards. The composite foam core, high-strength fiberglass and epoxy resin give the deck plenty of flex and shave off some of the weight of a maple plywood deck, allowing for bigger jumps and quicker turns. Best of all, you won’t need to worry about dripping water all over your skateboard when at the beach, since these decks are surfboard-inspired. Their unique three-dimensional bonding structure exponentially increases the strength between the resin, cloth and core used to build the board. Additionally, Hydroflex uses epoxy resin, which is lighter and stronger than polyester resin. So strong, in fact, that the molecules on Hydroflex skateboards won’t break down over time.

The Oceanside, California-based company will be launching their Kickstarter campaign to build more of the brightly-colored composite decks very soon. In the meantime, you can check out the Hydroflex Skateboards Facebook page for updates. Even at this early stage, the decks have shown their strength and pop under riders’ feet, proving that they are just as much about function as they are style. The vibrant shades of the Hydroflex glassed skateboards are sure to turn some heads during your trick sessions.

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