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Inflatable Military Obstacle Course Preview



Inflatable Military Obstacle Course Preview

Boot camp exercise regimens are all the rage, but how about bringing an obstacle course modeled directly on military training to your own backyard?

Hammacher Schlemmer‘s Inflatable Military Obstacle Course is 85 feet of faithfully recreated boot camp challenges, capable of accommodating two runners at once. There are portholes to leap through, hurdles to clear, a rope swing, a steep hill climb and even a set of criss-crossing elastic bands that simulate a laser field. Despite the size and heft of the course, there is a 250-pound-per-runner weight ceiling imposed by the limitations of the rope swing.

The package also includes stakes, tethers and a set of four AC-powered air pumps with 25-foot power cords. The four pumps together can inflate the whole thing in roughly 10 minutes.

Finally, if it’s fun rather than hardcore fitness you’re looking for, the course includes a sizeable pit, which is sealed to accept water, plastic balls, or foam blocks (not included).

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