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Swiss Army Knife For Today’s Adventurer



If you’re an Adrenalist reader, then there’s a good chance that you’ll never leave the house without your trusty multi-tool close at hand.

Victorinox, the maker of the world-renowned Swiss Army knives, has a new model coming up, and it’s got a 21st century twist. The Victorinox SSD is a 1TB solid-state hard drive that connects to your computer via a built-in USB plug. The twist is that the whole thing is packed inside of a Swiss Army knife shell.

You’ll have to models to choose from when the pricey product (expected to cost around $3,000) is released later this year: a black-shelled version that just the SSD and nothing more, and a red-shelled version that also includes your more standard Swiss Army trappings.

Just think: you can file your nails, unscrew things, cut paper, slice open clamshell packages AND carry around your entire iTunes library in a single package! For those who would prefer to spend a little less, Victorinox will also be releasing a 256GB version.

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