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Jetovator Water Bike Preview



Get ready for a whole new approach to water sports. Surfing, bodyboarding, wakeboarding, jetskiing… these are all child’s play compared to what you can do on this motorcycle-like contraption. Why waste time gliding across the water on a piece of fiberglass or foam when you can climb onto a half-jetski, half-jetpack?

The Jetovator is a flying, water-propelled stunt bike that keeps riders aloft as it sucks water in through its 50-foot long, 4-inch diameter hose and then spurts it out through one fixed nozzle and two vectored nozzles. The spray is forceful enough to keep both the Jetovator’s aluminum, street bike-styled frame and its rider in motion. Not just slightly above the water either; the Jetovator can climb to heights of 30 feet and sink as much as 10 feet below the water, with a total top speed of 25mph.

It’s basically a water-based personal stunt jet, capable of pulling off a range of maneuvers, including barrel rolls and back flips. It’s not an investment for the budget-minded Adrenalist, with the basic kit amounting to a suggested price of $8,975. But for what is essentially a flying jetski…we’d argue cost is kinda irrelevant.

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