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Must-Have Outdoor Adventure Gear For Spring And Summer 2013



New gear alert.

The sun is shining upon the northern hemisphere. Can you feel it? There’s something about the warm weather that gives Adrenalists the sudden urge to get all the latest outdoor gear. We’ve made it through winter. Now, we want to wade in our nearby streams and storm our local trails. Here is some of the hottest warm weather outdoor gear of spring and summer 2013.

Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 GPS

Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 GPS ($225)

Enjoy the freedom of running outside with the convenience of tracking your running pace and other vitals as accurately as your gym’s treadmill. Heart-rate, speed, altitude, location: the Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 tracks it all and much more. This high tech timepiece will force you to DO:MORE when pace alerts indicate you’re not living up to your standards. So live up to them, and know what time it is when you do.

Solarmonkey Adventurer

Solarmonkey Adventurer ($130)


It’s a digital world and it’s increasingly difficult to give up your gizmos. If you’re going to bring backup, like a smartphone or GPS, into the wilderness, then you might as well bring backup for your backup. The Solarmonkey Adventurer attaches to your back, or really anywhere. The polysilicon solar panel is equipped with an internal lithium battery and snaps open like a clamshell. This summer gear is rugged, water resistant and programmed to optimize charging parameters depending upon the weather conditions and the device attached. Under optimal conditions, this outdoor charging station can take your smartphone from zero to 100% in 12 hours. Slow by normal standards, but potentially life-saving in dire circumstances.

Lunatik Taktik Extreme 5

Lunatik Taktik Extreme 5 ($125)

If you’re packing an iPhone, be sure to pack a sturdy case. The Lunatik Extreme 5 might be the sturdiest on the market. Made of Corning Gorilla Glass, bullet-proof polymers and hydrophobic coated steel, the Extreme 5 promises to protect your phone when dropped, smashed and drizzled upon by whatever mother nature throws at you. But maybe the best thing about this case is you can charge your phone even while it’s all snugly wrapped up. That differentiates the Taktik Extreme 5 from other rugged cases not quite in its class.

GoPro HERO3 Black Edition

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition ($399.99)

The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition is the most advanced hands-free cam ever made, by the company that made minicams a standard tool in the adventurer’s gear pack. It’s tiny, light, rugged, and waterproof up to 197 feet. It’s also pro, with built-in wi-fi, resolutions up to 1440p, and frame speed that hits super slo-mo 240 fps. Check out some of these amazing GoPro videos to see just what this camera is capable of.

Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest

Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest ($150)

Outdoor gear innovation isn’t just happening in electronics, as materials science and ergonomics advancements have led to stunning new products like the Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest. The Adventure Vest is the culmination of years of research and at least a couple lost nights of sleep. Conceived by ultramarathoner Peter Bakwin, the PB was made to do what no backpack would do: carry enough for a day in the wild, and fit comfortably. In fact, this pack is better than comfortable; when worn you barely feel like you’re wearing anything at all, even when packed to capacity with 2 water bottles, half a dozen gel packets and granola bars, and 8.5 liters of whatever you can fit into the main compartment. This super vest is guaranteed to get you through even the toughest day in the wild. Of course, it’s up to you to pack smart.

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