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Naish Kites stuns kiteboarding scene with 2014 lineup



Naish Kites, a brand which gets its name from founder and multi-sport champion Robby Naish, is synonymous with innovation and quality – and its 2014 lineup is no exception.

The company drives the sport of kiteboarding with as much intensity as the wind itself, and Naish’s 2014 catalog of kites, boards, harnesses, bindings and control systems is no exception from that tradition. The 2014 Naish kiteboarding collection is available now, and is marked by standout pieces, such as the Ride Kite, an all-around rig perfect for beginners and intermediate riders two years in the making, and the Park Kite, a versatile rig designed to give more advanced riders outstanding low-end power. Designer Damen Girardin based the new models on last year’s design, but built the new features from the ground up to bring the sport into the new year.

The continual performance tweaks and bold designs – tribal themes flavor this year’s Naish kites – make the gear some of the most eye-catching on the water.

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