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NOHO Surf Balance Trainer: Prep for the next swell without water



For surfers waiting for the next big swell, the NOHO Surf Balance Trainer offers a way to hone balance and skill as much as possible – no water required.

The NOHO Surf Balance Trainer ensures that when the swell finally comes, you’ll be ready. By strapping one or more of the balance trainers to the bottom of a surfboard, you can practice taking on the waves without ever leaving your living room. The spherical shape mimics the action your board would be prone to on as it glides down a wave. In five minutes, you can log as much time standing on your board as you would get in at an afternoon surf session.

An added bonus with thye NOHO balance trainer is there’s no wipeout Рyou can practice noseriding, cross-steps, coffins and any other fancy maneuver without the risk of pitching off and needing to paddle back through the break.

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