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Patagonia Provisions Wild Salmon Jerky Debut



Patagonia Provisions Wild Salmon Jerky

Jerky is pretty much the perfect food. You can take it hiking or camping, you can use it as a pick-me-up during late-night drives, or you can just break it out as a midday snack. It won’t go bad and it gives the more carnivorous among us a meaty fix without all of the necessary cooking.

It’s fitting that Patagonia would choose jerky as the inaugural product for Patagonia Provisions.

Three flavors of Wild Salmon Jerky are now available, Smoked Teriyaki, Black Pepper and Chili Pepper, for $12.50 per bag (or $35 for a multi-flavor three-pack). Much like the apparel maker’s push to encourage others to use organic cotton in their clothing products, Patagonia Provisions’ jerky is MSG free and made from fish obtained using methods that break away from traditional salmon farming techniques, which often run the risk of catching endangered stock and passing along disease.

If the jerky offering goes well, you can expect to see Patagonia start bringing out more salmon-based products as well as other foods.

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