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PLX XWave Sport Preview



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What sorts of things do you think about while you’re exercising? What’s your general state of mind? You may not even know since you are usually hyper-focused on the task at hand. While it can’t record exactly what you’re thinking, a new sci-fi-tech device from PLX Devices is designed to monitor and record your cerebral behavior while your body gets its workout on.

The XWave Sport is a headband that has been fitted with a medical grade brainwave detection circuit and a Bluetooth chip, used to transmit collected data wirelessly to your mobile device or PC. Once the XWave is in place, the built-in sensor measures and tracks the electrical impulses in your skull, providing readings on things like your relaxation and focus levels. You’ll also use a magnetic clip on your ear to ground the device and improve its accuracy.

Collected information is beamed from the XWave Sport to whichever device you have paired with the Bluetooth chip. Only PC and Android will be supported at launch in September, but iOS support is expected to follow. App support is expected as well, with tools designed to help you get the most out of your $99 purchase.

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