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Recon Jet is Google Glass for Athletes and Adrenalists



Google Glass has been making a big splash in the tech community, but there are another pair of heads up display glasses that the world should have its eyes on.

Meet the Recon Jet, the company that’s looking to beat Google Glass to mass production and offer an Adrenalist alternative to heads up display glasses. The Recon Jet has a heavier head-mount, but cooler shades and, according to their developers, a less obtrusive screen that’s specifically tailored to action sports nuts.

The actual screen isn’t a transparent prism like Glass, but a heavier shade, like with a pair of sunglasses. The display figures are located below the user’s right eye instead of above with Glass.

During a Mashable interview, Recon techs claimed that the area below the right eye is the least obtrusive placement for the heads up display screens.

Recon Jet developers don’t yet want to reveal all the fancy metrics the final product will track on the screens. At the Google I/O Conference, Recon Jet provided readings on Altitude and Speed; even these limited measurements would be awesome for skydiving, skiingsnowboarding, wingsuiting and a multitude of other extreme sports.

Recon’s director of consumer products, Tyson Miller, says the company wants to beat Google Glass to market and release towards the end of 2013. Final prices haven’t been arrived at, but it would be close to existing products on the market, so in the $400-$600 range (though Glass has cost some early adopters $1500 to try before market).

The Recon Jet is powered by a dual processor with a forked version of the Android operating system with it’s own developer program and tools, which means Google Glass apps won’t run with the Jet.

But if you’re looking to tap into the action sports marketplace, app developers might want to make it accessible for Jet Recon because the product so far is more durable and practical for an Adrenalist. So get ready, and stay tuned for more details about this potentially groundbreaking product.

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