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Red Bull Playgrounds App Debut



When you’re traveling to a place that you’ve never visited or you’re moving to a new city you know nothing about, finding the shows, venues and activities that match up with your interests can be difficult. For us Adrenalists, constantly traveling and discovering cool new places to practice our extreme sports craft can be even more challenging. Part of the problem stems from an inability to connect with other like-minded athletes, while the other part is the esoteric nature of some of the more underground scenes.

Thankfully, Red Bull’s new app, for both Android and iOS operating systems, has solved both of those problems. If you’re looking for an epic skateboarder in a tiny slice of Queens or a sweet ramp near the University of California—Berkeley campus, the Red Bull Playgrounds App is here to help.

Originally launched in Canada earlier this year, Playgrounds is basically like a one-stop shop for all your extreme sports endeavors. You can find impromptu hockey rinks, an underground skatepark  or a spot in the middle of nowhere that a bunch of people are headed towards to blade. You can build your own Playground, which will in turn bring other aficionados to join in on the fun. There are premium guides featuring recommendations from Red Bull athletes on their favorite things to do in a particular city.  You can track your friends and your favorite Red Bull Stars to see where they go and what they’re doing.

With this social network focusing entirely on the niche market of extreme sports, you’ll find the activities you’ve always been looking for. Plus, who doesn’t want to go play with their idols? You could suddenly show up at a skate park you found on Playgrounds and run into Ryan Decenzo. While there, maybe he’ll invite you back to his skatepark in Toronto featured in the video above.

You can download the Red Bull Playgrounds app from the iTunes store or at Google play.

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