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Ride your bike on water with Judah Schiller’s BayCycle



For his bike trip from Oakland to San Francisco, Judah Schiller completely avoided the Bay Bridge and took to the choppy waters of San Francisco Bay on his BayCycle, a vehicle that lets riders hit open water instead of pavement.

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridge was undergoing major renovations when Schiller decided to go for a ride. Fortunately, the BayCycle allowed him to glide across the water and straight to shore. The innovative contraption he invented himself is constructed of two inflatable pontoons, a propeller mechanism and a frame into which a rider can snap their bike. The BayCycle promises to change the way we think about cycling.

After his San Francisco stunt, Schiller opened up that frontier even wider by taking his prototype to the Hudson River, crossing over from New Jersey to New York City. The ride took him a mere 15 minutes.

Estimated to cost about $1,000, and able to collapse into a backpack, the BayCycle is a dream machine to cyclists seeking a new way to ride. Visit Schiller’s BayCycle indiegogo campaign to join the movement.

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