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Why Yes, These ARE Boxing Robot Bumper Cars



Why play Call of Duty or Battlefield or some other war-making video game when you have the option of participating in a life-size version of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots? Hammacher Schlemmer’s Bionic Bopper Cars deliver just that. These beauties work like bumper cars and are able to accommodate a driver who weighs up to 300 pounds. A pair of joysticks are used to move around, with thumb triggers on each one delivering left- and right-hand punches with the robot’s tire-tread fists. The Bopper Cars are all powered by a Honda engine that delivers a top speed of 3mph, with a separate battery devoted to powering the electronics. The engine is good for five hours of robot boxing play on a full tank. The suggested age is eightand up, but this is a toy that’s priced for grown-ups, at $17,000 for a pair.

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