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Summer’s Best Outdoor Activities



With summer weather showing its face more and more every day, we’re all starting to get into the mindset of having warm weather outdoor adventures again. There are so many ways to occupy yourself in the natural world when the sun is shining, and that’s what this feature is all about. Read on for a few of the best outdoor activities that the summer sun-loving Adrenalist can fill his or her upcoming months with, along with a look at some of the useful gear you can rely on to give yourself an extra edge. That way, once the sun starts shining and the beautiful weather starts rolling in, you’ll already have a long list of activities to tackle.

What is your favorite summer weather activity? Let us know in the comments below and give a shout out to the piece of equipment that you can’t do without. After all, what is a summer activity if you’re not prepared, right?

  • 1. Baseball

    What better place to start than with America's national pasttime? Whether it's a quick round of catch or a full 9v9 matchup at the local public park's baseball diamond, you really don't need to cart around a whole lot. You'll want to gear up a little more completely, with mitts, bats, and the like, if a full-blown game is what you're looking for, but a simple round of catch requires nothing more than a ball and two or more willing participants. More serious-minded ball players with a penchant for pitching might also want to check out Hammacher Schlemmer's Pitch Velocity and Accuracy Umpire, which you can set up in your backyard to help fine-tune your ability to stay inside the strike zone. The Pitch Velocity and Accuracy Umpire is the perfect alternative to playing catch, if you're missing that fellow friend with a glove, or addition, if you and your friend want to go head to head in a pitch speed test.

  • 2. Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing is a daunting but ultimately rewarding hobby to take up. The good news is: when you're just starting out, you won't have to face the fear of scaling 1,000 foot high sheer rock faces. Unless you're certifiably insane, that is. Some people start out with top roping, a climbing style that uses a belayer on the ground and a system of carabiners at the top of the route as a sort of anchor system. Bouldering is the more DIY solution, though with any potentially dangerous hobby you'll always want to have a friend along so you can watch out for each other. Bouldering is like rock climbing's training wheels. You're only climbing short distances and you've got a safety mat, commonly referred to as a "crash pad," beneath you. These crash pads come in many shapes and sizes, but Kinetik's Newton Crash Pad scores big points with us for its portability and versatility, as well as the sly nod in its name to the man who developed the first theory on gravity.

  • 3. Biking

    Riding a bike is not something a person ever really forgets how to do. That saying, "it's like riding a bike," isn't just a catchy collection of words. Whether you're 8 or 80, hopping on a bicycle and cruising through your local surroundings is a fun summertime activity. You can race, you can ride offroad trails, you can travel from point A to point B, or you can simply just relax and enjoy the breeze. We've found that Tern's Eclipse S11i fold-up bicycle is a great option for those of you who might not have access to convenient bike lock-ups at your destination. Nighttime riders should also consider bulking up with the added protection offered by the Torch T1 Reflective Helmet (pictured above); not only does it protect your noggin, it also casts a bright LED light that keeps other drivers away. And no matter where or when you right, Spurcycle's GripRings let you infuse your ride with a little more personality by letting you customize the look of the grips on your handlebars.

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