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Surf The Sky With The Rocky Mountain Flyboard Water Jet Pack



Why surf the waves when you can surf the sky?

That’s the question posed by Rocky Mountain Flyboard with their latest addition to the water jet pack space. With the Flyboard invention from Zapata Racing in France, you can take flight from the water in a way no water jet pack has let you before.

The Rocky Mountain Flyboard, which can attach to any personal watercraft (PWC), is quite easy to learn after just a couple minutes in the water. Similar to a personal water jet pack, except mounted to your feet, the Rocky Mountain Flyboard allows you to sail out of the water like a snowboarder or skateboarder taking to the skies.

A PWC creates pressure through a 55-foot tube that splits and is attached to both your feet. The hose is pointed down, creating the lift. There’s a detachable rotating main bearing beneath the Flyboard, which is how you’re able to spin without entangling the supply hose with itself.

There are throttle control options, but you’re likely to have an instructor man that side while you’re learning the basics. An Electronic Management Kit (EMK) provides handholds where more advanced Flyboard users control the thrust, start and stop of the PWC. If you’re purchasing the Rocky Mountain Flyboard, rather than just renting it for the afternoon, it’s recommended you also pick up the EMK, since it’s a necessary component for owners and multiple-time users of the water jet pack.

The reality is you’re going to be able to lift up over the water’s surface. It’s an expensive piece of equipment, retailing at over $6,000, but with that purchase you’ll get to fly over the water and surprise aquatic life as well as your friends.

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