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Coffee Can Save Your Life



Winter can be a magical time of year replete with snow-angels, holiday merriment, and warm cocoa by the fireside.  Unless, of course your car breaks down in the middle of a severe snowstorm leaving you stranded for hours or days.  No one likes to imagine the worst so few are prepared to face crisis.

For the realists among us, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has assembled a “Coffee can survival kit for winter driving” in case the unlikely suddenly becomes the here and now.

The Department recommends stuffing a 2-3 pound can with items like 60-inches of sturdy twine, candles, safety pins, socks, a pocket-knife, soup, and bouillon cubes, just to name a small sampling.  Check out the full list here and remember, if you plan to drive through tough terrain this winter, that Folgers tin might prove to be a whole lot more than “the best part of waking up”.

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