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Say Goodbye To Iodine Tablets In The Wild




You’re out camping. There’s snow everywhere. You’ve hiked for miles and are almost out of water. You’re parched and that’s going to make building a fire to boil more drinking water all the more difficult. Good thing you packed your SteriPEN Freedom.

The little $120 device harnesses the power of UV light to kill off 99.9 percent of bacteria you would typically find in a non-purified glass of H2O in less than a minute. You just shove the lamp in a 16 oz. glass of water (two treatments to sterilize a full liter) and stir it for roughly 50 seconds, with a green indicator light flaring up to let you know when the process is complete.

The Freedom is equipped with a rechargeable battery good for 40 treatments on a single charge. A USB cord and AC power adapter are included; the device will also play nice with compatible solar chargers.

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