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TaylorMade R11S Driver Preview



Taylormade R11S Driver Preview

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There’s really no surefire way to throw money at the problem of having a lousy golf game. You need to get out there and practice; your swing, your ability to connect with the ball, your ability to steer the ball where you want it to go… all of it. That said, once you’ve built up your game a bit, you can definitely give yourself an edge with the right equipment.

Enter TaylorMade’s R11S Driver. This $400 beauty represents the cutting edge in golfing tech, offering an upgrade beyond the company’s popular R11 driver. You’ve got three fully adjustable settings that, together, offer a multitude of options for fine-tuning how your stylish, matte-white club makes contact with the ball.

It all starts with the onboard Flight Control Technology that allows you adjust the loft up or down by a maximum 1.5 degrees. Then there’s the ability to adjust the club face to one of five different angles, for a net plus/minus shift of three degrees, using Adjustable Sole Plate technology. Lastly, you can make use of Movable Weight Technology to tweak the club’s center of gravity.

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