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For most of us, an iPad/iPhone stand is always as handy at the nearest book, filled container of liquid, raised thighs or specially designed carrying case. None of those options are particularly flashy, but they do the simple job of propping an object up with no problem and usually at no cost.

You’re an Adrenalist reader though. You like flash. You might even be willing to pay excessive sums of money for it. That’s what Rokform is banking on with its Rokstand line of iPad/iPhone stands.

With multiple adjustment angles, “sound enhancing speaker ports” and “precision high speed bearing and cam adjustment,” you can spend $169 on something that any random, heavy book on your shelf could accomplish for $169 less.

Budget-minded shoppers could instead consider the $119 Folding Stand, which offers more portability. Both versions are built out of Billet 6061 T-6 Aluminum, the same thing that gunsmiths use to craft sound suppressors.

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