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Lately on Adrenalist we’ve been featuring a lot of electronic products that would be GREAT to bring along on outdoor excursions. The only problem is that when you’re off on a long hike or camping trip or cross-country ski adventure, finding a charging station for your various powered devices isn’t always the easiest.

Mophie’s line of Juice Packs are portable batteries that allow you to carry around a charge and transfer it to any USB-connectable device. Now the company has a new product which is designed specifically for you outdoorsy types: the Juice Pack Powerstation Pro.

In addition to the 6,000mAh battery it’s packing – more than enough juice at full charge to keep multiple gadgets running for days – it has a rugged exterior made out of steel, aluminum and rubber as well as water-tight caps for its two USB ports. It’s also IP65-certified, which means the aforementioned durability has actually been put to the test.

There’s no price or release date, but plugged-in outdoorsy types will definitely want to pick one of these bad boys up.

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