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No Outlets In The Wild? No Problem



Getting a signal on your cellphone even out in the boonies is less of a challenge in our increasingly wired-up world. The REAL problem for hikers, campers and cross-country bikers is keeping the juice flowing to communication devices in the absence of any traditional electric power source.

XPal Power has a pair of solutions in its 2012 product lineup, as revealed this week at CES. Both the SolarCharge and the KeyCharge harness the awesome power of the sun to siphon energy into whatever microUSB-connected device you attach.

The $70 SolarCharge is the larger of the two products, equipped with a solar chargeable 1000mAh battery that, at full charge, is supposed to be good for roughly 350 minutes of talk time. The $25 KeyCharge, as the name suggests, rides along on your keychain with a 750mAh battery inside of it, good for 90 minutes of talking at full charge.

 Both products are set to launch early next month.

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