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Parrot’s AR.Drone is exceedingly fun to play with even if it doesn’t really have any practical applications. The four-rotor remote-controlled helicopter-like Drone first made itself known two years ago. With CES now underway in Las Vegas, Parrot is finally giving the version 2.0 model of the AR.Drone a chance to fly.

Just like the previous model, your iPhone can still be used with a special app to serve as the remote control. That support is expanded for the updated Drone, with remote control apps now coming to both iOS and Android platforms. There’s much more to this update, however.

Flight controls have been simplified to the point that you can now use your mobile device’s built-in gyroscope to “steer” the Drone. The highlight, however, is the fact that the built-in front-facing camera will now RECORD what it sees in 720p HD and wirelessly beam the info back to whatever your control device is. Bring this bad boy to your next paintball match-up and use it to scout the terrain ahead!

The AR.Drone 2.0 will be available later this year for around $300.

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