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The Abaton portable home is the house for mobile adventurers



When adventure calls, no boundaries, restrictions or limitations should hold you back – with the Abaton portable home, there’s no reason not to pick up and go.

The Abaton Portable Home is designed to cater to global nomads and adventure seekers, offering much more than a humble tent or caravan. The prefabricated stone housing, built by the Madrid-based design firm Abaton, can be dropped onto a plot of land anywhere in the world. Better yet, Adventurers will feel right at home because the mobile dwelling is made up of 27 square meters – enough for two people to live comfortably. The interior features a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

The structure is made from a mix of Spanish fir, local lumber and grey cement wood board. A timber skeleton encases the interior, and the assembly time is just 24 hours – then the portable home can delivered and positioned via crane. All Abaton buildings are made with environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials.

Instead of a tent or sleeping bag for your next adventure, opt for your entire home and explore the world comfortably.

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