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The Miraculous 100% Waterproof Cycling Jacket



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If you want to know the secret to keeping dry during outdoor biking adventures that are anything but, look no further than the Mavic Stratos H20 Jacket. The new piece of Mavic outerwear caters to every kind of Adrenalist.

The Mavic Stratos is a waterproof cycling jacket that is actually 100% waterproof. It’s not just water “resistant,” nor does it require any detergent coating for it to work. No, this is the real deal, a waterproof cycling jacket from the moment you first put it on. Thanks to its 100-percent waterproof Cocona Xcelerator fabric composition, it’s the perfect answer to all of your inclement weather concerns and worth every bit of its price (which varies depending on where you order it from). An ergonomic design, numerous internal wicking layers and air-tight cuffs and seam seals offer added protection against the elements.

Don’t let the rain send you home early ever again.

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