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GPS Quadcopter Camera Follows Your Every Move: DJI Phantom



The day has arrived when we all can have our very own unmanned aerial vehicle. Early this year, Hong Kong-based UAV manufacturer DJI Innovations began shipping the DJI Phantom, a battery-powered quadcopter that promises to revolutionize aerial photography. For $700, you get a lot of zoom for your buck. The DJI Phantom reaches horizontal speeds of about 22 miles per hour, climbs at nearly 15 mph, and can reach an altitude in excess of 1,000 feet – high enough to reach a window on the 83rd floor.

This UAV has brawn (one charge provides 15 minutes of flight – enough juice to record several terrain park sessions), but where the Phantom really excels is in its brains. Unlike other commercially available drones, the Phantom is outfitted with GPS. It communicates with satellites to stabilize itself mid-air, and can remember where it took off so it can return home with just the press of a button.

Did we mention the Phantom was designed to hold a camera? Slide your GoPro into the camera mount and make your personal adventure videos sizzle like big-budget blockbusters. We can’t really think of anything better than a quadcopter camera. Check out video of the GoPro quadcopter action here.

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