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Swimmer’s Treadmill



Hammacher Schlemmer, purveyor of bizarrely designed yet oddly useful products of all kinds, has a new fitness tool for you swimming fiends who lack a pool of your very own.

The Swimmer’s Treadmill is a $1,400 contraption that is roughly the size of an SUV, an above ground miniature swimming pool fitted with a tethered harness that is designed to keep swimmers in a stationary position as they practice their strokes.

The pool itself is 4 ½ feet tall and contains 1,500 gallons of water when filled, with a pump included to help keep the interior clean. The whole thing is held up by a steel frame, with the pool’s lining made out of rip- and tear-resistant PVC-coated polyester fabric. There’s also an included floor mat for the treadmill to sit on top of, keeping the liner’s underside safe.

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