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Go Ahead, Ride Your Backpack



Backpacks have it easy. They’re constantly hitching rides everywhere. One could easily argue that it’s their entire reason for existing. They’d be right too, because that IS why backpacks exist. Consider, for a moment, the possibilities. What if there was a backpack out there that you actually ride?

That’s what inspired Gustavo Brench to create his ‘Gig Pack’ backpack scooter. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a nylon backpack that features an integrated, foldable scooter with a carry limit of roughly 200 pounds. When you’re done riding, the footboard folds up into a zip pocket and the telescoping handlebars fit snugly into an outside-facing mount.

This is just a prototype for now, not for sale, so if you want one you’ll have to either be patient or build one yourself.

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