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Never Lose Your Luggage Again



Here’s an item that falls into the category of “Utterly Ridiculous Things You Couldn’t Possibly Ever Need, But Must See To Believe.”

SuitSuit’s Boombox rolling suitcase is made to resemble a stereo speaker… for some reason. Presumably to make picking it out at the airport baggage claims area an easier process, but in the oddest way possible.

The Boombox isn’t an ACTUAL speaker, so it’s not like you can plug your music player in and blast out some tunes while you’re waiting for whatever mode of transport you’ve decided to book travel on. It looks like one though, which should help you confuse everyone!

The bag stands at just under two feet tall and it’s got the usual wheels and extendable handle that you’d expect from a rolling suitcase. There’s also a TSA lock, should you want to check it. Since that seems to be the point and all.

It’ll only set you back around $130. Assuming speaker-looking cases are your thing, that is.

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