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Volo Airsport Lets You Wingsuit From Your Desk



Even though some may toil at their desks and yearn to break free, there’s now something for the cubicle-bound that don’t dream of Happy Hour, but instead of gorgeous vistas, heart-pumping heights and taking flight. Volo Airsport has developed an interactive game where you can plunge down a ravine in a wingsuit from the comfort of your ergonomic office chair. Developed by indie game designer, Martijn Zandvliet, under the paradoxically-named Ramjet Anvil studio, this public alpha game will be accessible quite soon on your work PC.

For now, an Xbox or Playstation 3 controller simulates the pitch, yaw and wing adjustments as you take the plunge off the edge of a cliff. Right now, you can download the .02 version for Mac and Windows. Besides a future PC iteration, Zandvliet hopes to add first-person and wing-side camera angles so you can get a truly immersive experience.

You’ll be sweating in your seat, having totally forgotten that you’re at work. Instead, you’ll be ripping through the air in a wingsuit.

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