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Is Urwerk’s UR-110 the Craziest Watch You’ve Ever Seen?




Urwerk’s UR-110 is very likely the craziest-looking watch you’ve ever seen. The one you really want though, the one that all collectors of quality timepieces should covet, is the UR-110 ZrN Torpedo. Urwerk is only producing 12 of these bad boys, so maybe don’t raise your hopes TOO high. The UR-110 is a serious contender on its own, boasting the company’s trademark “revolving satellites” time display, an “Oil Change” indicator (this watch needs to be serviced!) and rear-mounted twin air turbines. The Torpedo takes things one step further with its Zicronium Nitride ceramic coating, giving the watch a champagne-colored finish and improving its durability. This is a HIGH-end luxury item, with even the basic UR-110 retailing in the low six figures. Gaze at it lovingly, covet it even, but don’t expect to pick one up unless you’ve got some series money to burn.

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