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The Nixon Rubber 51-30 Makes A Tough Gift For an Extreme Adventurer



With smartphones having become, for most of us, the most commonly used timepiece, wearing a wristwatch this days has become more of a stylistic choice. However, watchmaker Nixon has utility in mind with its latest creation, the Rubber 51-30.

This is a large watch with one unique and impossible-to-miss feature: it’s made almost entirely out of rubber. Perfect for hunting excursions or any activity that involves trying to conceal yourself; whether you’re hunting or the hunted, you won’t be found out when the sun casts its reflection off of your metal timepiece.

 The 51-30 sports a 51mm diameter face, three hand Quartz movement and a stainless steel interior case, but the outside trappings, the band and most of the bits that you can see in general, are rubber. All yours in black, white, blue or pink for $400.


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