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Waterfi Waterproof Kindle Review



Waterfi’s waterproof Kindle is ready and at your side no matter what adventure you’re embarking on.

Waterfi’s waterproof Kindle Paperwhite promises to push the limits of your library. It may feel instinctively difficult to expose an electronic device to liquid, but this Kindle is prepped with Dual Layer waterproof coating to keep it safe from all types of liquid exposure.

Check out our ultimate test of the Waterfi below.

Waterfi Waterproof Kindle Review

Size and Appearance

The Waterfi version looks virtually identical to a standard Kindle Paperwhite. Unlike many of the bulky phone covers with waterproof protection, the waterproof coating on Waterfi’s version of the Kindle is virtually unnoticeable. Be prepared to shock nearby watchers as you dive into the ocean with the Waterfi Kindle in hand. In a weight comparison test, it’s almost impossible to notice the extra weight added by the waterproof material.


Like the regular Kindle, the Waterfi version comes prepped with a multi-touch front-lit display, incredible eight-week battery life and built-in Wi-Fi. The only difference between the standard model and Waterfi’s version is the Dual Layer waterproof technology, designed to be safe to depths of 210 feet.

Rain Test

Waterfi’s Kindle holds up under slight moisture interference and rain showers. The sweaty hands of an adventurer in a rainy climate are no match for Waterfi’s waterproof technology. Gradually increasing rain intensity does not hinder the device’s functionality, and Waterfi’s Kindle continues to work flawlessly. During heavy rainfall, the device stands strong, with only a slight drop in page turning functionality.

Spill Test

When you’re at your campsite, equipment, supplies and gear can clutter what little room you have to move around. If this causes a spill or two, there’s no reason to worry about Waterfi’s Kindle. In addition to water, the device continued to function when exposed to various liquids, such as milk, coffee, orange juice, sun block, sauce and more. Whatever bottles are lingering around basecamp with their caps loose are no match for Waterfi’s Kindle.

Waterfi Waterproof Kindle Review

Underwater Test

Hitting the beach or pool with Waterfi’s Waterproof Kindle is a necessity. Submerging the device underwater completely does not cause the device to malfunction in the slightest, even deep underwater. Turning pages while submerged does become a bit difficult, but a quick visit to the surface solves the issue. Adventurers can rely on Waterfi’s Kindle when visiting all types of pools, swimming holes, lakes, oceans and more.

24-Hour Submersion Test

After a full 24 hours of submersion, Waterfi’s Waterproof Kindle remains powered and ready to use. No liquid manages to slip within the gaps or break the impenetrable waterproof technology. The device may take a few seconds to regain its composure, but when it does, it’ll be ready for your next round of adventure.

The Final Verdict

This waterproof Kindle is ready to go with you on all your #DOMORE adventures. Our series of tests pushed the Waterfi to its limits and beyond, yet it still survived with minimal lapses in functionality. With an insane battery life and amazing waterproof ability, this is a pick that you can’t go wrong with. Keep adventuring, Adrenalists.

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