The Adrenalist

Mark Sanchez Off Season Adventure Series

Vote on which adrenaline-fueled adventure you want Mark to tackle this off season.

Degree Men helps guys tackle any adventure by offering a deodorant that keeps them confident and protected during adrenaline-fueled moments, giving them the strength to take on any challenge and stay cool under pressure.

As a quarterback, Mark Sanchez knows what it is like to be under pressure. Now it’s your turn to turn up the heat on Mark by voting on which adrenaline-fueled adventure you want Mark to attack this offseason.

  • Blue Angels

    He plays for them, now let’s put him in one. Mark will get his wings and take flight with the storied Blue Angels and experience the adrenaline- pumping G-force of an F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet.

  • Rally Car

    Mark will slide behind the wheel and test the limits of man and machine around every knuckle-clinching turn as he learns the moves of a rally car ace with the Team O’Neil Rally School.

  • USA Rugby

    The ultimate physical challenge on the body – football without pads. See if Mark can take the pressure as he trains with USA Rugby's Men's National Sevens Team, the Eagles.

  • Hockey Goalie

    See if Mark has what it takes as we put him in the ‘hot seat’ on the ice to protect the goal against some of hockey’s best slap shots.


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The Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron does not endorse Degree Men or the Jets