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2013 World Solar Challenge: 3000 km race powered by the sun



The 2013 World Solar Challenge challenges 40 teams from 23 countries to learn the meaning of energy management – the 3000 km race is powered completely by solar energy.

The event route runs from Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia, to Adelaide, some 3000km to the south. The challenge will kick off from the State Square in Darwin on Sunday, Oct. 6, at 8:15 AM.

The challenge will be run by 40 teams from 23 countries, and it’s all about energy management. Based on the assumption that a 1000-watt car would do the journey in 50 hours, solar cars are allowed a nominal five-kilowatts of stored energy, which is 10 percent of the theoretical figure. All other energy must come from the sun or be recovered from the vehicle’s kinetic energy. Electric vehicles that enter the challenge are some of the most efficient on the planet, so entrants can expect scorching competition.

An unprecedented amount of preparation and testing has gone on over the past month. The American Solar Champions, from the University of Michigan have been putting their car, Generation, through its paces en route to Darwin, staging a mock race to mimic the challenges that crossing the desert will pose.

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