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Alex Harvill Sets New Dirt-to-Dirt Motorcycle Jump Record



All of Alex Harvill’s training to break the dirt-to-dirt motorcycle jump record led up to a mere 3-seconds in the air.

Now, nobody has ever jumped a motorcycle from dirt-to-dirt as insanely far as this. On Jul. 6, 20-year-old motocross rider, Alex Harvill, blasted off from a dirt kicker into the dry summer air. He tore his bike across the sand at the Horn Rapids Motocross Complex in West Richland, WA. He flew 297.55 feet and landed perfectly, setting a new world record for longest dirt-to-dirt jump ever completed on a motorcycle. The previous record of 290 feet was set by Ryan Capes in 2010.

“I was trying to hit 300 but I’m extremely happy with the results,” Harvill writes on his website. Earlier this year, Harvill set the record for the longest ramp-to-dirt distance record when he jumped 425 feet at Toe’s MX Park in Royal City, WA.

Something tells us 300 feet dirt-to-dirt is very much attainable for Harvill. In fact, 400 might not be out of the question either. Follow Alex Harvill on Twitter to stay up to date with what he’s got in store.

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