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ATV Hits Cow



Vegetarians are warned to visit Argentina at their own peril. Beef is everywhere: on restaurant menus in a hundred different forms, and as it turns out, on dirt road rally courses as well.

Lucas Bonetto was participating in the second stage of the Campeonato Argentino de Rally Cross Country outside C√≥rdoba in April when a cow got between his ATV and the finish line. The result was a dramatic wreck, with Bonetto thrown from his ATV and the cow disappearing in a puff of dust (nobody knows the beast’s fate).

This crash could have been much, much worse. Bonetto walked way with only minor injuries in a collision that could have easily killed him. Every year, hundreds of riders die in ATV accidents, with hundreds of thousands visiting emergency rooms as a result of ATV injuries. These vehicles go fast, reaching speeds over 60 mph and most ATVs do not have seatbelts — for a reason. Imagine if Bonetto was strapped into his ATV as it crashed into the cow and went tumbling to the side of the road.

Now that’s a worst-case scenario.

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