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Auto Racers Shatter Ice Speed Record At Over 200 MPH



When the rain or sleet freezes, it can make the roads a nightmare for drivers. Many in the northern climes learn to navigate the treacherous black ice that can accumulate. You can’t accelerate too fast or brake too quickly. Particularly so if there’s no salt or sand to line the roadways and provide some measure of friction for a car’s tires.

What about driving on a frozen lake?

That’s what makes the speeds reached in this video of Russian race car drivers, Andrey Leontjev and Roman Rusinov, so much more extraordinary. We’ve seen Guerlain Chicherit’s car backflip and the recent ski backflip record stunt. Now, in a joint partnership between Nissan in Russia and the Lav Production Company, these racers used a Nissan GT-R to smash the ice speed record. The factory-issue GT-R, which sports a 3.8L V6 producing 540 horsepower, only came clad with normal (non-studded) Bridgestone winter tires.

Even without the friction normally needed, Russian pilot, Rusinov, and famous auto journalist, Leontjev, reach speeds in excess of 200 mph, with temperatures of -7 degrees outside as they cruise across Lake Baikal, seemingly immune to the slippery surface beneath them.

Lake Baikal, a rift lake in Southern Siberia, has a total surface area of 12,248 square miles, enough space for Rusinov and Leontjev to set the ice speed record. The lake allowed a 2.17 mile acceleration section, followed by a 3280.84 feet timekeeping section and finally a 2.17 mile braking area. As winter drivers know, you don’t want to brake or accelerate to quickly when you’re on the ice; this rule goes double for an immense frozen lake and speeds in excess of 200 mph. This is speed driving with an Adrenalist twist.

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