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Best Stunt Plane Videos



Most dream of the skies, but these 5 stunt plane videos showcase daring pilots that take to them with heart-pounding stunts that thrill audiences.

If you can’t make it to an air show in the near future, these videos will have you on the edge of your seat as if you were really there. Some may even have you leaning side to side as if you were piloting the stunt planes yourself. While the technology inside the planes is becoming more and more advanced, one thing will always stay the same: stunt planes are made for death-defying tricks.

Here are the 5 best stunt plane videos.

Stunt Planes Compilation

This stunt plane video opens with a plane bursting upwards. The plane then proceeds to twist into a roll, slice between several sets of rubber towers arrayed on the water and fly upside down at blistering speeds. Imagine what thoughts must be circulating through the pilot’s brain. As the stunt plane rises, billowing thick white smoke, it drops into a spiral. The stunt plane pilot executes several more rolls before letting loose over a motorway. Before you know it, a green and yellow plane zips through the same rubber towers we saw before. More cartwheels follow and the smoke keeps pumping out like dry ice. In the final frames, a plane uses its propellers to cut the tape of a finish line, letting viewers know its alright to finally exhale.

The Red Baron

Early in this video, a pilot parachutes out of his aircraft, carrying an American stars-and-stripes flag. Next up, a stunt plane is seen majestically carving through the powder-blue sky before shooting vertically up into the air. The stunt plane pilot enters a dive, only to pull back up and shoot skyward before returning to the ground and pulling off several tight, tumbling spins. The pilot barrels into the clouds before careening back in a lazy curve, spewing brown smoke. Finally he surges into the big blue and glides.

Gliders, Wing Walkers and Close Calls

As billed, this video dishes up some awesome plane tricks, that call to mind some of the extreme airplane stunts we looked at last year. The footage begins with a plane nearly carving a groove in runway. “Flying on airlines, yeah that is just boring to us,” says one of the stunt enthusiasts. For her and the other featured adrenaline addicts, life in the sky is all about stunts. The stunt footage runs a gamut of tricks, featuring everything from remote control antics to gutsy wing walkers. “These aerosuperbats regularly perform on top of a plane at speeds of up to 150 miles and hour,” the commentary says. The footage also features prize-winning acrobatic aviator Rob Holland pushing his MX2 carbon fibre stunt plane to hair-raising extremes.

Jet Man Vs Jets

This next video rips up the rulebook. Re-introducing Yves “Jetman” Rossy, the flight-obsessed Adrenalist propelled by a tailor-made jetpack. The aviation fanatic jumps from a helicopter and executes a string of aerial maneuvers over the Alps. Then, Rossy ups the ante by joining two jets in a synchronized flight. In some shots, Rossy is so close he can nearly touch the jets. The jets slash their speed to 220 kilometers per hour (137 miles per hour) so Rossy can keep the pace. Rossy makes a habit of this kind of inspired madness. In the past, he has flown the English Channel and looped around a hot-air balloon.

Extra 330

This final video shows the Extra 330 stunt plane aerobatic flight display at Farnborough International Air Show in July, 2010. The footage takes place in near silence. All you can hear is the hiss of the wings and the hum of the tannoy. The plane barrels upward then executes a lazy, swerving descent. Then, with mauve smoke trailing behind, the stunt plane revives, climbs and takes some radical tumbles. At one point, the engine seems to cut out, but the plane tricks quickly restart. Unlike other stunt plane videos put online, this one has a strong technical slant and it serves up all the aspects of stunt plane flying. The clip is part 14 in a series of 15, so there’s much more to watch. Others in the series include Britain’s famous flying Red Arrows and an F-16 Fighting Falcon.

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