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Best Trial Bike Riders



No matter how many trials videos we watch, a part of us always wonders, “how could that be possible?” Each time we marvel as athletes perform incredible tricks off jagged rocks, stairway railings, parked cars and all manner of things we’ve been conditioned to think don’t mesh with bikes, whether they be motor, mountain or road. Each time we’re transported and convinced that anything is achievable, with enough practice. It must be, right?

Andrew Dickey

When he’s not riding, 26-year-old Andrew Dickey works as a carpenter. When he is, he puts his creativity to use winning championships; 13 to be exact (7 in 26″ and 6 in 200″). As you’ll see from this, his newest video, Black Bike Vol. 1, Dickey’s 15 years in the trials game have paid off. He’s one of the most fluid riders we’ve seen, and the fact that Dickey builds many of the obstacles showcased in his always impressive online releases is doubly impressive. Though he’s the current titleholder for the Australian Elite 26″ competition, Dickey’s isn’t a known name in the U.S. We’d like to help him raise his profile. This dude deserves some love.

Dougie Lampkin

Son of FIM Trial World Championship winner, Martin Lampkin, and nephew to Arthur Lampkin, a mainstay on the 60s British trials circuit, Dougie’s got trials success in his blood. You didn’t need to know his genealogy to know that, however, as a look at his resume will clear up any doubts. This English-born moto master snagged five consecutive World Indoor titles and seven consecutive World Outdoor titles between 1997-2003. He’s also got six British Adult Championships, two Spanish Adult Championships and three Scott Trial titles. The bottom line: Lampkin’s illustrious career is a loud reminder that, as popular as mountain bike demos are, trials riding is very much alive on the motorcycle circuit.

Toni Bou

Be honest, how many times did you watch this video? It’s so short, yet so… incredible, and we’ve come to expect nothing less from Spanish-born Antoni Bou. He won his first trials title in 1999, at the age of 12 and has continued to rack up an impressive number of wins since, including a World Indoor title in 2007 (at 20, Bou was the youngest victor ever). In 2009, Bou’s performance was record-setting, as he became the second rider in history to win the sport’s five major championships (World Indoor, World Outdoor, Spanish Indoor, Spanish Outdoor, and Trial des Nations).

Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill is a master of cycling, as we’ve already shown, but we’ll give you some more proof if you weren’t convinced. The Scottish-born star is an inextricable part of trials riding’s vanguard. No matter who we see doing crazy stunts, MacAskill’s extensive, innovative repertoire serves as the rubric against which we measure most others.  “Would Danny do that?” If the answer is “yes,” then whoever we’re sizing up has truly got something special. Though better known internationally than Andrew Dickey, MacAskill has gained widespread acclaim in a similar way: mind-blowingly cool YouTube videos, in impressively varied terrains (from an industrial park to London’s city blocks). Also, like Dickey, MacAskill’s got plenty of titles to back them up.

Joe Brewer

Like MacAskill, Joe Brewer has graced theAdrenalist’s pages in our recent Trial riding with Joe Brewer article. What can we say? We know talent when we see it. An Austrialian circuit mainstay, Brewer won the 2010 26″ and 20″ titles on the same day (Andrew Dickey came in 2nd place in the 26″ category that year). According to a recent interview with Dickey, he and Brewer often train together in what must be one a jaw-dropping spectacle of dedication, skill and a healthy dose of competition (maybe even a little more than that, considering how often these guys go head to head). A quick Google of Brewer’s name won’t yield as much as a MacAskill query, but Brewer’s indisputably on the up and up.

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