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Jay Lawrence Smashes Cliffhanger Hill Climb Record In First-Person



At the 2013 Cliffhanger Hill Climb in March of this year, a record was broken – again. Through the verdurous hills of the North Island of New Zealand, east of Wellington and adjacent to Wairarapa Lake, a stretch of road comprises the annual Cliffhanger Hill Climb motorcycle race, and one man absolutely owns this particular stretch of roadway. 

Jay Lawrence races motorbikes, but there aren’t many people who can compete with the incredible speed he maintains over a Byzantine course like the Cliffhanger Hill Climb. Lawrence keeps upping the ante on how fast he can go at the annual race. Riding a Bridgestone slick shod 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R, Jay beat out his own record from a year before. Thankfully for all us Adrenalists, there’s a POV video of his record-breaking ride, too.

The Cliffhanger Hill Climb course is 6100 meters long, climbs 300 meters and features 27 turns. Last year, Lawrence won with a time of 2:09.684. This year, he bested his old record by more than 5 seconds, and won the TSS Red Baron – Suzuki C1 Championship again with a time of 2:04.956. All told, Jay’s average speed over that twisting and turning 6100 meters was 176.35 km/h. Check it out and pretend like your heart isn’t racing as fast as Jay’s bike while you watch. Then, have a look at these 5 insane motorcycle racing videos if you’re craving more high speed moto clips.

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