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Breathtaking Car Stunt: The First Ever Car Backflip



The car stunt you see in the video above isn’t supposed to be possible. Automobiles are not supposed to flip. It must be fake, right?

It isn’t.

In mid-February, pro skier and rally driver Guerlain Chicherit accomplished what’s being billed as the first ever successful car backflip from a stationary ramp. The car was a souped up and customized Mini Countryman. The setting was Tignes, France. To launch the vehicle with the proper trajectory and rotational force, Chicherit gunned his Mini to 37 mph. At its apex, the car climbed 75 feet into the crisp Alps air.

“When you attempt something nobody has ever achieved before, the stress is really high,” Chicherit told The Mirror. “But the only way is to just try it.” Chicherit reportedly completed the car stunt once in a private practice run before pulling the stunt in front of thousands of spectators. The backflip was caught on camera from several anglesIn years prior, stunt drivers had attempted and landed backflips from motorized ramps that help launch cars into midair. The Christian Science Monitor points out one attempt nearly completed by Rhys Millen in 2008.

Chicherit’s car backflip, however, is a first, and an impressive one at that. Be sure to check out the Mini Youtube channel for more awesome Mini videos.

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