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Hot Wheels Corkscrew Jump Sets Record



We think we can say with some degree of certainty that most athletes, land, snow, or water, would like to have a world record of some kind. That said, there are probably few who would have the courage to go about snagging one in the way 27-year stunt driving veteran Brent Fletcher did.

Last week, in another breathtaking stunt performed at the Hot Wheels test facility (remember the upside-down loop in Best Multi-Person Tricks?), Fletcher corkscrewed his 2,600-pound off-road buggy (outfitted with a special suspension) across a 92-foot gap and landed perfectly. ”It was such a fine line, that was the biggest concern,” he told ESPN. “So many variables were working against us, a half-mile an hour makes a big difference of under- or over-rotating.” Fletcher was reportedly going 54 mph when he hit the ramp that launched him on a 230-degree-per-second twistathon.

The previous corkscrew jump record was 74 feet.

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