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Jack Wiegand SOLO 20/13: Youngest Ever To Fly Around the World



20-year-old Jack Wiegand is on a quest to fly around the world, and he’s doing it alone. Making 24 stops in 14 different countries, Wiegand is attempting to be the youngest person to ever fly around the world solo in a small plane – something that less than 400 people have ever accomplished. Jack started his mission, SOLO 20/13, on May 1, taking off from Fresno, California, flying East across the U.S. and past the Atlantic. His trip hit a surprise snag when he reached the remote town of Iqaluit, Canada, and realized he had forgotten an important piece of equipment: his passport. Luckily, he had enough supporting evidence, passport photocopies and his license, to get past custom officials.

Jack Wiegand may be young, but he’s been preparing for this trip for some time. After first flying at the age of 13 in a glider – his parents got him flying lessons for his birthday – Wiegand’s been a dedicated pilot. SOLO 20/13 will be the ultimate test of not only his flying abilities, but also his focus and stamina. There’s far more that goes into an attempt to fly around the world than just your ability to fly, and if Wiegand does it, he’ll prove that maybe no one should have been talking about his age in the first place.

Looking to follow his journey? Track his plane in real-time. He aims to finish circumnavigating the globe on June 8th.

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